It’s been said that the inspiration for the numbering that goes before each product maybe a nod to Factory Records or some other obscure European art movement.

For those of you left scratching your head, hopefully the next few paragraphs should clear things up.

Each garment has been given an associated number reference representing the style and date of the original design.

The process of translating words to numbers is the practice of numerology.

Typically a simple chart is used to change names into numbers, different numerology systems use different charts, but the most common begins with "a" equaling 1, "b" equaling 2 and so forth.

Numerology Chart 

To determine a word’s number, you pick the corresponding numbers from the chart and add them together. If the result has two or more digits, simply add those digits together, repeating that step until arriving at a single digit.

Using the word ‘NOMOI’ as an example:

NOMOI Master Number 3 

We can see that the Master Number for NOMOI is 3.

Each product has 3 associated numbers, the first being the category, the second being the style and the third representing the date of the original design.

The below illustration highlights how we derived the numbers for the 364 Shirt.

Naming the 364 Shirt

There is believed to be great significance in the numerical value of a word or phrase.

The process of using numerology to assign references to our products sat well with us due to our belief that great design should be long-lasting, allowing the product to be developed and improved over time without disrupting the whole.

With a few tweaks here and there, we expect the 364 Shirt to be around for a long time.