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SCARF - tamaki niime



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Woven by Tamaki Niime, a Hyogo-based Banshu-ori designer. Banshu-ori (Banshu-weave) is a cotton fabric with over 200 years of tradition in Japan, the wide range of variations in patterns and colours are created from it's signature 'dyed-yarn weaving' technique.

As each design is unique we asked Tamaki to select a small number of scarfs for our online store.

Each scarf is made from 100% cotton giving an extremely soft handle. Designed for easy care and to last a long time the delicate texture does not deteriorate when washed.

For further information and imagery about the any of the scarfs, feel free to get in touch 

Learn more about the making behind the scarfs.


Made in Japan
34.987336, 134.977905
Longer than the average scarf
190cm x 32cm
Light weight
Very soft hand


100% cotton
Finished by hand


Machine wash cold
Hang to dry
Do not wring
Iron on low heat