The Original Seed August 17 2014, 0 Comments

Growing up in the midlands there weren't so many abandoned swimming pools to skate. Geographically, we were also situated the furthest away from any coastal destination in the UK, so surfing was not commonly on the agenda.

However, that didn't stop us buying overly priced imported skate and surf videos and watching them for hours on end. The most memorable (and slightly different to our typical consumption) was ‘Dog Town and Z Boys’ – a documentary focusing on the skateboard scene in Santa Monica in the 1970’s.

The sad news broke just the other day that Jay Adams – founding member of the Z Boys, passed away following a heart attack.

Jay and the Zepher Skate Team (Z-Boys) revolutionized skateboarding in the 1970s and early 1980s with bowl riding and professional contests. Also known for his rebellious nature, Adams had been on the wrong side of the law a few times and also suffered from drug addiction.

Rightly so, many tributes are being offered to Adams, and there really aren’t enough superlatives to describe him - he is credited as being one of the fathers of modern skateboarding, earning himself the nickname "The Original Seed."

For me, the following extract from Glen Friedman’s "My Rules" sums Adams up best of all:

"I always skate for the love of it, the feeling that is like nothing else. Doing the thing I did, that some people after the fact look back and say it was so progressive and pushed the limits, that's cool but I wasn't thinking doing that. I just acted spontaneously and did stuff, see what happens and hope not to get hurt. I wouldn't think about it until afterwards, if at all. Style was a motivator at times, but honestly it just came naturally to me, and although it meant everything at times, who's to say the kook with horrible style isn't having more fun than you? Having fun is what really matters in the end, unless you're just out to impress others."