Butcher June 21 2014, 0 Comments

As a painful as it is, England are out of the World Cup, the hope of a nation crushed in just a week and even Italy’s Super Mario couldn't give us a glimmer of hope.

Get ready for the tenuous link - maybe if we had Terry Butcher strengthening the back line, we’d still be in with a chance…

‘Butcher’ buttons also known as 'Change' buttons have taken today's blog topic.

Vintage aficionados will be familiar with such buttons; however it’s not so common to find this style of button on modern garments today.

Typically made from horn, Butcher buttons would feature on sporting jackets and certain military pieces. The buttons are designed to be removed to avoid potential damage when washing/dry cleaning a garment; hence they are amazingly simple and functional. They are attached to the garment by inserting the metal shank through a sewn, round eyelet, and secured in place by attaching a split ring.

Following some online sleuthing I came across a reseller of British WW2 Butcher buttons and split rings. Said to be 1950’s issue, these would have been used on denim battle dress blouses and bush jackets.

As always the details make the difference; we've been working on a soft structured jacket which I’m sure would benefit from the inclusion of such buttons.

Watch this space...