How Footballs Became Magic June 08 2014, 0 Comments

It only comes around once every four years and there’s nothing quite like continuous football for 4 weeks on end. With the 20th Fifa World Cup nearly upon us, I thought it would be apt to highlight a fascinating project by photographer Jens Heilmann.

I’m sure you’ll agree that when watching a game, the single item that is fought over so passionately, the one thing players sometime caress ever so softly and other times kick viciously into high the heavens… can often go unnoticed.

Jens Heilmann is an artist and photographer, but more importantly a football fan.

What started as a trivial idea: to create a memory card game with footballs, developed into a meaningful project that spanned 3 years. Whilst driving to a game in Munich 2007, all of a sudden several questions popped into his head: Did the footballs of recent decades have indeed always the same design? Different colours? Were they ever photographed by one individual?

An initial internet search on footballs showed only poorly photographed stuff. Moreover, there was little information about the originals.

And so the project began.

After three years of endless e-mails and telephone calls, plane trips around half the world and criss-crossing drives through Switzerland, Austria, Italy and England, the result is a fascinating series of photographs showing the evolution of the World Cup ball since 1930. Accompanying the photo of each ball is a short story of why it is significant.

You can buy a copy of the book which includes 8 pigment prints of the most important and historic footballs. Jump on the link for more info .